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Омытый дождём берег Донузлава птицами отпет

Фото озера лечебной грязи, эта лечебная грязь лечит все системы, применение лечебной грязи озера донузлав гармонизирует нервную систему Curative mud of the Donuzlav Lake in the Crimea is very effective healing factor of the nature that affects the quality of the rest. The composition of the curative mud is a silt of the salt water which is formed during the decomposition of microbial flora and fauna. There are ferrous sulfide, hydrogen sulfide, potassium oxide, calcium, magnesium, ammonium and other elements. The composition of mud consists of 15 trace elements: titanium, lead, iodine, copper, beryllium, molybdenum, manganese and other. There are biogenic elements ( iron , silicon, carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen) in the composition of mud and also folliculin and sinestrol( these are organic biologically active substances as female sex hormones. Microorganisms that are in the mud of the lake with their vital activity emit specific substances such as antibiotics that facilitate self-cleaning of the mud. There are organic acids in the mud: formic, acetic, resin and other. The composition of organic matter in the curative mud of the Donuzlav Lake is usually small 1-3%, the most important here is the presence of sulphide, mineralization of the solution.

The climatic conditions of the Donuzlav Lake and its mud treat cardiovascular and nervous systems. Also they cure digestive system, musculoskeletal and respiratory system, but also mud has such properties as to treat sexual disorders and infertility.

Фото лечебной грязи на девушке а также озера лечебной грязи, маски из лечебной грязи также вода моря и тепло солнца прямо на пляже даёт потрясный эффект; ещё грязи лечат бесплодие The application of therapeutic mud is mainly masks made of the mud for the face, body and hair. The use of mud in combination with the warm sun and swimming in the sea, right on the beach provides an excellent effect. The use of mud tones and softens the skin. Cleaning of acne is one of the obvious therapeutic properties of the mud of the lake. Bleaching of the skin and smoothing wrinkles on it are also effect of the use of mud. The application of curative mud has antibacterial anti-cellulite and anti-stress effect. In the treatment with mud the mass of required temperature touch the skin and warms it, as a result a significant expansion of peripheral vessels occurs. The treatment promotes resorption of inflammatory processes, has antispasmodic effect. Treatment with mud enhances tissue nutrition and metabolism. The use of masks of mud of the lake as well as treatment with curative mud heated to very high temperatures is essentially a strong heat treatment procedure. In the treatment with the mud of the lake thermal reaction is based on activation of the body’s cells, accompanied by stimulation of biochemical processes. Curative mud of the Donuzlav Lake is popular, this mud really treats.

Blue clay - is waxy light gray or greenish-gray, when it is dry it crumbles easily and in thin edges is translucent. Blue clay has soapy surface of fracture. After heating the clay turns into a good tooth powder which during steeping increases in volume. Blue clay has even more names: kil, keffelit, supoon. Amazing absorption, bleaching, medical and other unique properties of kil are used to lighten the wine and fruit juices, for washing clothes in the sea water, for medical purposes and also in the manufacture of soap and toothpastes. Mineral montmorillonite , which forms a blue clay, differs with its mobile crystal lattice. Its formation is associated with the influence of the sea water on volcanic ash, in other words, this mineral is produced by the most powerful elements of nature - fire and water.

Treatment with mud is catching on, especially for cosmetic purposes and skin rejuvenation. For treatment effects on the body blue clay is close to curative mud, so the contraindications are common; these are disease of the cardiovascular system, thyroid, and tuberculosis. For the rest and treatment of disease it is effective to combine mud with massage, physiotherapy and swimming in the sea.

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