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Омытый дождём берег Донузлава птицами отпет

The Black Sea resort is the best resort of the Black Sea coast of Ukraine and also the best resort for children, here an excellent sandy beaches slope into transparent warm water forming shallows. It is an ideal for the rest with children.

Фото побережья курорта Чёрного моря Донузлав: отличные песчаные пляжи полого уходят в чистую прозрачную воду In the Black Sea there are natural, children and other resorts with their unique features, but Donuzlav is not just a children's resort coast or Black Sea resort but also lake resort. I guess it would be very few people were interested in it if not the best sandy beaches of the Crimea, as well as clean and clear water and a number of resort factors that make it really popular. The temperature of the sea and air on the resort is without any sudden changes in time, and during the day. Smooth mild climate, the high ionization of the air, and plenty of sun create excellent conditions for rest and recuperation. Center of the resort on the Black Sea coast is the South spit in Mirniy, it separates Donuzlav from the sea, then on both sides of shallow water and warm water, this is the best place to stay in the Black Sea with the children. Coast of resort of the Black Sea reaches a few tens of kilometers, it is mostly excellent beaches of fine light velvet sand, length of the mound of Donuzlav is somewhere around ten kilometers.

Due to the harmonious combination of medical factors, the resort provides an effective rehabilitation and recreation on the Black Sea, it is perhaps the best beaches of the Black Sea; but very unique the Black Sea.

Фото купания с детьми на курорте Чёрного моря: обилие солнца, тёплая вода и мелководье делают Донузлав лучшим местом для отдыха на Чёрном море с детьми With number of sunny days per year Donuzlav exceeds all known Black Sea resorts. Most days with clear weather, from 242 to 288 a year usually falls on the western part of the resort. This is a little more than resorts such as Yalta, Sochi and Sukhumi. For example the average annual number of hours of sunshine on this remarkable nature of the Black Sea resort of 2355 - 2555, in Yalta - 2384, Yalta - 2223, Sochi - Moscow 1980 - 1560. The sun here is very generous, even in late autumn and winter, so sunbathing is possible to make a round year. Sunbathing are taken after the air, but before bathing in the sea. In the summer from 12 to 16 hours, try not to be under the direct rays of the sun, this time siesta or midday recreation in the shade is a tradition adopted by all the seaside resorts, and strengthen the children sleep in a well ventilated room or outdoors in the shade. Moderate rest in the sun is very good for your health, and sessions on heliotherapy Black Sea resort of Donuzlav you can arrange the entire year.

This natural resort of the Black Sea, as well as the entire western Crimea, has large reserves of mineral and thermal waters in several aquifers. For a more efficient recreation at the resort and treatment it is recommended for drinking or food to use local mineral water of the resort.

Фото воды Чёрного моря на курорте Донузлав Resort factor number one at any resort of the Black Sea is of course water of the Black Sea which is useful not only for external but for inner use. Water at the Donuzlav resort is clean and transparent and has high mineral content, and the bathing season on the heated sand beaches of the sea and the lake begins earlier than everyone else, the more eastern or southern resorts on the coast of the Crimea. Karkinitsky shallow bay and the lake Donuzlav itself warm up till May. The beginning of the swimming season begins for healthy people when the water temperature in the sea or a lake during the day rises above 17°C, and for children and not quite healthy people - above 20°C. On the Black Sea resort of Donuzlav water warms to 17 degrees by mid-May, in the Black Sea 17, in Yalta on May 20, and on the southern coast resorts such as Yalta, the water temperature reaches 17°C, only 27 of May. Thus, the bathing season begins earlier at the Donuzlav than in Yalta for two weeks, and for children for a month. Besides at the Black Sea resort there is much less days with stormy weather than the resorts on the southern coast of Crimea.

At the resort of the Donuzlav influence of the Black Sea and the adjacent spaces of vast steppe are well combined. The sea is a vast reservoir of heat and cold in the winter and moderates the heat of summer resort, it reduces the diurnal and annual variations in temperature, forming a soft, moderately humid climate. In the winter resort of sea and lake resort is not so cold and in summer cool breezes freshen the coast.

Фото пляжа на побережье курорта Чёрного моря у Донузлава, ширина более ста метров, великолепные песчаные пляжи курорта простилаются на несколько десятков километров Another effective factor in the healing nature of the resort which is very pleasant and helpful for healthy and patients is velvety soft sandy beaches of sand of light gray color. On the Black Sea resort of Donuzlav almost all the beaches have sand, composed mainly of finely frayed mollusk shells and salts dissolved in the sea. Beaches with sand are so fine for relax after swimming in the sea, and for the treatment with sand baths, this treatment is called arenation. In the summer sand beach of the resort is heated to 45°C and more particularly in times of thirty meters from the sea it is so hot that unbearable to stand. A good warm sand creates favorable conditions for arenation and recreation at the resort. Take sand baths where the sand warmed above 40°C, so you can not only improve your health and lose weight: the weight loss per session comes to 500-600 grams of sand at a temperature of 50°C. After the session, you should not go swimming or sunbathing on the beach, it is better to arrange a little relax at the sea in the background, washing with warm water 36°C.

Black Sea resort of the Donuzlav is especially favorable for the recreation in period from May to October when the prevailing dry and warm weather with steady atmospheric pressure. At this time, it is nice always to rest on the nature or breathing air in the sea resort, including rest and sleep near the sea.

Фото полевых цветов на побережье курорта Чёрного моря, лечебные травы питают морской бриз тонким ароматом, превращая его в амриту However, the most effective curative factor of the resort is a pure ionized marine air, saturated with ozone, salts of calcium, iodine, sodium chloride, magnesium, potassium bromide, and other elements of the Black Sea water. Sea Breeze is an effective healing factor and a beautiful natural inhaler, which has an impact on physiological processes , also on the mental state. Ionized sea breeze is filled with the aromas of herbs, especially during the flowering of some species on the coast of the Black Sea resort, such as the South Spit. This lovely subtle fragrance inspires, gives health and vigor. The elements that make up the air improve metabolism and regulate the activity of the cerebral cortex, stimulate kidney function, organ blood flow, a beneficial effect on the respiratory and nervous system, and also contribute to hardening and normalizing all physiological functions.

Balneological resources and climatic conditions of the Black Sea resort help to treat successfully tr all body systems: cardiovascular, opornodvigatelnogo, nervous, digestive and respiratory system, in addition at the resort has been successfully treating sexual disorders and diseases of infertility.

Before you order a vacation at a resort, rent a house on the Black Sea, or boarding house on the Black Sea you can see photos of the Black Sea in the resort, the beach and sea photos and photos of beautiful beaches
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