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Омытый дождём берег Донузлава птицами отпет

The South Spit is rather popular for the rest with children, or family rest; there are shallow water and also best sandy beaches of the Crimea for rest at the Black Sea and mild curative climate; it is called the South Spit in Mirnij or The South Spit in the Crimea.

Фото косы Южной или Южной косы в Мирном или косы Донузлава со стороны Чёрного моря The South Spit is the eastern part of the mound of the Donuzlav, unique geographical formation with the natural landscape and rich variety of resort factors; it separates the southern part of the Donuzlav Lake from the Black Sea. You can get to this spit from through the village Mirnij. Due to wide sandy beaches gently going in the Black Sea, the South Spit in Mirnij is the best place for families with children on the sea, here you can combine rest at the Black Sea with rest at the Donuzlav where water is warmer. There are chalet cooperatives Neptune and Chernomorets on the South Spit, cafe on the beach, shops and restaurants and comfortable rooms with excellent views of the sea. You can rent a house on the South Spit or house at the Donuzlav and also rent other housing at the Donuzlav and spend a vacation on the South Spit under the rustle of the sea waves on the warm velvet sand beaches, the best in the Crimea. South Spit in Mirnij is the center of the resort of the Donuzlav and spa factor that along with therapeutic mud attracts people.

In fact the South Spit is a war name; it, just like the spit, appeared not so long ago. In 1962 the channel through the Donuzlav mound was built that reunited the Donuzlav Lake with the Black Sea. Thus there appeared two spits on the Donuzlav; they are the South Spit in the Mirnij which length is more than three km and the West Spit from the side of village Znamenskoe, its length is about seven kilometers. Both of these spits, come to an end with so-called spurs, concrete foundations.

The width of the South Spit as well as all Donuzlav mound almost the entire length is the same, but the South Spit is a little wider; the widest part of it is where the cooperative Neptune, here the width of the spit reaches 370 meters, a little further where the cooperative Chernomorets the width of the South Spit reaches 250 meters; you can see the South Spit on a map of the Donuzlav

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