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Омытый дождём берег Донузлава птицами отпет

Vacation at the South Spit and at the Donuzlav is the main theme of the site; the section vacation at the Donuzlav presents the best suggestions for the rest at the South Spit and also for the rest at the Donuzlav plus rest on the Black Sea.

The popularity of the rest at the South Spit has several reasons and three main of them are following: an excellent sandy beaches, enviromental and possibility always to bathe in warm water; even if the sea breeze which brings warm water to the coast will change to the north wind what happens very seldom at the resort, you can just go to the Spit and continue swimmin from the side of the bay where wind drives warm water to the shore. There are another reasons for popularity of rest at the South Spit.

Photo of rest at the South Spit near the sea: due to resort factors, vacation at the South Spit influence favorable on your health This is the variety of resort factors inherent to the rest at the South Spit. The South Spit is a part of the Donuzlav mound which formes the best sandy beaches of the Crimea. Gorgeous beaches of the South Spit, clean water of the Black Sea and curative mud make vacation at the South Spit popular, in addition, it separates the shallow bay from the sea, forming a gently sloping beach with velvet sand - the best place for the rest at the Donuzlav or for vacation with children on ther sea. Due to curative climate at the Donuzlav Spit it is resort of the sea and resort of lake and rest at the Donuzlav and especially at the South Spit is very useful for health. Wonderful nature allows to rest here since May, sometimes since April, till Oktober, many people come in summer and the peak of vacation is in July and August. In fact, you can rest at the Donuzlav all year cause there is more sunny days than in all resorts of the Crimea and there are various options of comfortable housing at the Donuzlav.

Having rest at the South Spit you can sunbathe on the beach near the sdea under the rustle of the surf or to arrage an active vacation. There are different suggestions for the vacation at the South Spit; you can rent a house on the South spit. Choose the best variant for the rest or just send an order for vacation on the sea.

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