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Омытый дождём берег птицами отпет

Vacation on the Black Sea, and variants for the vacation on the Black Sea in summer; vacatimon on the Black Sea 2012VACATION AT THE DONUZLAV - REST AT THE SEA AND LAKE RESORT
Due to the unique resort factors and to the mild climate rest at the Donuzlav influences good on the health. These circumstances and also best sandy beaches in the Crimea, early beginning of the bath season and abundance of sunny days turn rest at the Donuzlav into curative enjoyment.

Photo of vacation at the Donuzlav Nature created Donuzlav for the rest and invigoration. There is everything for you to rest and make healthy at the Donuzlav: curative mud, fresh sea breeze saturated with aroma of the healing steppe herbage and other resort factors which raise the quality of the rest at the Donuzlav. This wonderful resort is at the same time resort of the sea and lake that is why the rest at the Donuzlav is the rest at the sea and lake resort. You can rest at the Donuzlav Lake and at the sea where gently sloping chic beaches go into the Black sea and form shallow water and sandbacks – best variant for the rest at the sea with children or family rest. Usually the season of the rest at the Donuzlav begins in April when shallow water of the bay got warmed thoroughly by sun and you can acquire a tan and bathe in the sea. By the number of sunny days per year Donuzlav exceeds all known resorts of the Crimea, so you can take sun baths here even in late autumn or winter and love to surrounding nature makes your care and rest at the Donuzlav most efficient.

We introduce the best deals on vacation at the Donuzlav and at the South Spit in the relevant sections on the left, all the offers are on separate pages and scroll arrows to the right of the title. It is possible to rent a house on the beach or a house on South Spit as well as rent a house on the beach or a house on the Donuzlav. You can choose the best option to rest at the Donuzlav themselves or just send the order to rest on the sea. We are glad to hear your questions on the rest on the sea and the rest at the Donuzlav by telephone: +38 097 501-3377 or +7 978 899-8582

Variants of the rest at the Donuzlav or rest on the Donuzlav resort: rest at the South Spit, rest on at the Donuzlav Lake, and also rest in settlements on the Donuzlav: rest in Mirniy, rest in Popovka, rest in the Shtormovoe and in other settlements of the west Crimea and since 2001 also rest at the Kazantip.

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Vacation on the Black Sea and variants for vacation on the Black sea in summer; vacation on the Black Sea 2012Order for vacation near the sea or vacation on the sea or order for vacation at the Donuzlav or at the Donuzlav lake

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