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Омытый дождём берег Донузлава птицами отпет

Leach in estuaries of the Donuzlav is formed under the sun when the water evaporates and turns into a leach - a concentrated solution of various salts which water contains. Thus, for example, saline brine of the most studied lake Moinaki consists mainly of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium sulfate, calcium bicarbonate. Most of all there are salt with potassium chloride in leach, the contents of this sault in the leach is about 78-80%.

Фото: Лёжа на рапе Донузлава, купания в рапе лиманов Донузлава  оказывают воздействие на периферическую нервную систему, и усиливают обменные процессы; они как лечебные купанияLeach of the Donuzlav is much denser than sea water and therefore one who does not even able to swim can easily stay on the surface of the estuary of the Donuzlav. You can try to relax yourself in this way combining benefit with pleasure renting house at the Donuzlav. You can rent a house on the bay of the Donuzlav, or else rent house on the Black Sea. Swimming in brine of Donuzlav very well combined with a bathing in the sea. Bathing in the sea - is cold treatment, which is best for morning, afternoon swimming in brine of the Donuzlav, the heat treatment. It should be remembered in different lakes there is different brine concentration of the solution of soults which it it contains. This means that time of bathing in brine should be normalized. More than optimal from this point of view is the brine of the Donuzlav. Swimming in the Moinaki lake gives intensive effect: frequent pulse and breathing, increased blood pressure, sweating, body temperature rises for 2 ° C coming back to normal only after 12-24 hours. Doctors advise to swim in the Moinaki lake only once a day, no more than 15 minutes (children up to 8-10 minutes), in calm weather, when the temperature of the brine is at least +26 ° C, and air - not below +20 ° C, and 14 to 18 hours. After bathing, tender skin is recommended to rinse with fresh water. During the period of treatment in a brine bath estuary Donuzlav to receive a hygienic bath and shower is recommended only once a week in free of procedures day.

Leach of the Donuzlav is one of the medical factors that attract people to treatment and rest on the Donuzlav. Bathing in the lake of the resort have a stimulating effect on the connective tissues, muscles, bones, joints, peripheral nervous system, increase metabolism in the body that promotes regeneration, anti-inflammatory and analgesic resolving effects.

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