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Омытый дождём берег Донузлава птицами отпет

If you drink water from the place where you live - health will be stronger, and to make rest on the sea and resorts more effective, it should be for drinking or cooking use local mineral water.

To the west of the Crimea and at the Donuzlav springs and mineral waters have several aquifers of varying salinity, brackish water is still in the sands of the beaches and the sprinkling of lakes. The most abundant horizons of mineral waters are on the shores of seas and lakes, in the ridges separating the basins. Also in the limestone, forming depressions circulate interconnected karstic channels, powerful jets of underground mineral waters. They are fed by numerous springs at the bottom of lakes and along the shores of lakes and sea. Thus, at the village watering come to the surface is quite abundant karst spring (flow rate 40 liters per second) and a few small springs and mineral waters. Amolunt of all the mineral water discharged into the lake Dzharylgach is here more than 100 liters per second. Karst mineral water springs nourish many northern part of lake Donuzlav in the Crimea. Due to the springs of mineral water lake Donuzlav is desalination. In the village Rodniki near the spring of mineral water reservoir was built which can accommodate 7500 cubic meters of water.

Mineral water - is a special group of underground waters of west of the Crimea. Mineral waters are opened almost everywhere carried out exploratory drilling for oil and gas. Thus, during the drilling of exploratory wells have Glebovka, at a depth of more than a thousand meters, discovered hot mineral sodium chloride water containing iodine, ammonia, bromine, and other elements. Low mineral water spout 62 degrees, flow rate of 1150 cubic meters per day. Thermal mineral water, similar in composition to Glebovsky mineral water, opened at the village Olenevka, fervently. Particularly abundant spring of mineral water was near the village of the Cretaceous, its flow rate was about 4,500 cubic meters per day.

To the west of the Crimea deeper mineral water is more mineralized and a little with hydrogen sulfide. In the coastal areas of the Crimea boreholes revealed the abundant reserves of mineral water depth horizon, and these mineral waters contain almost twice as much salt than the Black Sea.

Told by the locals curious story, shows the large amount of karst cavities communicating with each other. The rich mineral water pit in village Chernomorskoe bottle with a note was found thrown into pit, located 10 kilometers above the beam.

Black Sea resort as a whole Western Crimea is rich in mineral waters for the exploration and development In the future, mineral waters of west of Crimea may play a major role in the development of resort infrastructure

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